Axelrod: ‘Maybe’ Jeb and Hillary Will Have Different Income Inequality Ideas

David Axelrod, former Senior Advisor to President Obama said that he likes both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton and that “maybe” the two will have different solutions to income inequality in an interview on Monday’s “Today” on NBC.

Asked about his opinion on whether another Bush-Clinton race would be good for the country, he responded “I like both of them [Jeb and Clinton] actually. I think–it is easy to say that, but let’s see what the quality of the race is. Bush is already out there speaking about income inequality, which, I think, is a great sign and the problems of the middle class. Hillary, I think, will come out with strong ideas on the same subject, and maybe different ideas, and we can have a big national debate. I think the Bush-Clinton thing will fade away when the personalities come forward.”

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