Attkisson: Brian Williams ‘Very Much’ Like Hillary

Senior Independent Contributor to the Daily Signal and former CBS Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson argued that Hillary Clinton’s and Brian Williams’ war zone deceptions were “very much like the other” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“I would just argue that one is very much like the other. So, however you feel about one incident, you should logically, probably feel about the other. if you don’t care in either case, you don’t think it’s a very important breach, you shouldn’t care if you didn’t care the first lady, former secretary of state, made such a statement. then maybe you shouldn’t care too much about Brian Williams. If you think Brian Williams made a huge breach, then so did, logically, the former Secretary of State and the woman who wants to be a presidential candidate” she stated.

Hot Air Assistant Editor Noah Rothman pointed out “this fortuitously, happens on the same day we learn that President Obama was lying to the nation for a long time about his stance on gay marriage, and this has been lauded in the press as something clever, and actually something to celebrate, that a politician would so deftly maneuver around this issue and mislead the public for his own political gain. That’s cancerous that’s dangerous to the state of the nation’s moral center.”

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