Levin: Cuomo Interpretation of the Origin of Rights ‘the Definition of Tyranny’

Earlier on Thursday, CNN “New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo debated Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore on the issue of the Alabama courts’ ruling versus a federal court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

Ultimately, the discussion led to a debate about as to where citizens get their rights, with Cuomo insisting that rights are not from God.

On his Thursday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin challenged that premise and argued that Cuomo’s interpretation is the definition of tyranny.

“The idea that we get our rights – our fundamental human rights from government or any collection of our citizens is the definition of tyranny, is the definition of totalitarianism,” Levin explained. “That’s not where we get our rights from. They come from a higher authority. And those of you who do not believe in a God, aren’t sure you believe in a God – believe whatever you want or don’t believe whatever you want … you cannot have a republic if you have no civil society. You cannot have a republic if you believe rights come from man. Justice Moore was correct. Chris Cuomo was not. And yet, Chris Cuomo speaks for millions and millions of people who have no idea what their country stands for or why they’re free.”

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