Amb Ginsburg: Obama Claim of ‘Degrading ISIS’ Doesn’t Match Reality

Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart,” former White House Middle East advisor to President Jimmy Carter ambassador Marc Ginsburg said the “administration boasts of degrading ISIS,” but it does not match the realty on the ground in Libya, Syria or Yemen.
Ginsburg said, “You have to differentiate between the administration boasts of degrading ISIS on a tactical level, on the playing field of Northern Iraq and Syria and the ideological and population spread of ISIS.”
“What happened in Libya is a perfect illustration of a country we had great expectation for, but now descended into chaos, where Islam extremists in the eastern part of the country are reigning supreme,” he continued. “Same in Yemen where al Qaeda and ISIS are teaming up, now that the government has been overthrown.”
“Let’s also be very clear, until there’s a political solution in Syria which is ground zero for ISIS. ISIS is going to be able to continue to attract thousands of recruits. While everyone is focused on the recruiting operation in Europe, just think of the thousands that are coming from North Africa and the rest of the Middle East,” he added.
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