Ben Carson: Nothing Should Be Off the Table in ISIS Fight

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Dr. Ben Carson said “nothing should be off the table” in the fight against ISIS because the “concept of, we cant put boots on the ground because of what happened in Iraq silly.”

Dr Carson said, “I am extraordinary concerned about the fact that we are not responding to the atrocities that are going on over there. There is a tremendous leadership void. I would fill that leadership void by making it very very clear that we are going to react in a very strenuous way to any kind of atrocities of that nature. I believe we should use every resource available to us. Nothing should be off the table. This whole concept of, we cant put boots on the ground  because of what happened in Iraq silly. The threat that Saddam Hussein posed and al Qaeda at that time is on a completely different level then we are looking at now. And it is extraordinarily immature to equate the two and the reactions. You know ISIS is a group that really wants to destroy us. They want destroy our way of life. We have to choices, we can sit back and wait for them, or we can use the resources we have to destroy them.”

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