Veteran Fighting Against ISIS: ‘Politics Is the Reason’ People Are Dying

Jordan Matson, a US veteran fighting against ISIS in Syria declared “politics is the reason that a lot of people are still dying over here” on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Politics is the reason that a lot of people are still dying over here. We have US forces on the ground, their hands are tied, they can’t do anything. Even when I was in Shengal, when the airplanes would come in to give us air support, ISIS knew ahead of time, so they would go in houses because we had no one marking targets on the ground, we had–NATO had no advanced location on where ISIS was hiding, so they’d fly in, take a look, f they weren’t there, they’d fly out. And the only time they’d hit them is if they were actually out still fighting us in engagement. So, for one, politics is hindering us and I can’t understand why he [President Obama] isn’t pushing these troops forward to help us out”

Matson also criticized US’ inadequate support for the Kurds “especially on the Syrian side. The Syrian Kurds are extremely pro-Western, and pro-American, and they are getting absolutely no support financially or militarily by us, they get some help with air support, but–during Kobani and whatnot, but other than that we’re not getting anything.”

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