Olbermann Eggs on 49ers’ Kaepernick Against Twitter Troll: ‘No Rules Here’

During ESPN2’s broadcast of “Olbermann,” host Keith Olbermann reacted to San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s tweets in response to a fan making fun of his playing ability.

Olbermann, who has used his own Twitter account to feud with the likes of the New York Daily News, a 13-year-old girl and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, offered up some of his own advice for Kaepernick.

“That’s it? Why? What the hell, dude? This guy attacked you on Twitter. You know why he did? Because athletes and actors and politicians and other public figures, even the ones down at the bottom list like me — we’re the last group in America you can viciously attack in public and not get blasted for doing so. Don’t stop, Colin, go in. Keep going in. your goal is to get the guy to delete his account. That is the goal.”

He added, “Read his old tweets. This one to Sharyl Attkisson, ‘Looks by some of these commets she is right.’ Commets? You retweet it with different notes that strip him of his dignity like ‘Commets? Like Halley’s comets? You read them on the Internet, bro?’ You retweet it again with ‘Spellcheck broken, moron?’ The point is annihilation. You want to give this guy a tsunami of abuse on Twitter. You want him to delete his account. You want people he works with to abuse him in the office. You want him to change his name legally. Once you’re attacked on Twitter, Colin, it is war. There are rules here? There are no rules here. He brings a knife, you bring a nuclear weapon. Now, Colin, you can guess if maybe I’m just kidding. We’re not kidding. We’re kidding.”

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