Ray Rice: ‘I See Why People Commit Suicide’

The one-year anniversary of Ray Rice’s domestic violence video being released has come and gone, and Ray Rice is seeking new employment. The three-time Pro Bowl running back was released by the Baltimore Ravens in September and reinstated by the NFL in November, but is yet to find a new team.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Rice said he thought about suicide:

“The big picture of it all, being the person that I am, I really felt horrible,” Rice said in the interview. “You almost want to punish yourself. I know I’m never going to win the battle of public opinion. Honestly, I almost felt like at one point that it wasn’t worth living. I see why people commit suicide.”

“It hurt that bad. I was low, real low. It hurt that bad because you worked your whole life to do all the right things and then you’re the world’s most hated person. It was really tough. My daughter, oh Lord, I grew up without a father, there’s no way I could check out on my own family.”

Rice thinks he will get another chance in the NFL, but he understands the difficulty in the job search.

“I’m optimistic that I’ll get a second chance,” he said. “I don’t think this boils down to whether I can play football or not. Obviously, I know that. I just think there’s so much more that comes with it. I know the PR side of it will be tough. I understand that.”

Watch more of Rice’s Interview with The Baltimore Sun:

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