Attkisson: Obama Official ‘Specifically Told’ Avoid Email Records by Texting

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s  “MidPoint,” former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said she was told an Obama administration official was “specifically told” to “use text messages,” or “to use alternate forms of communication,” when communicating about ObamaCare, so as not to leave an email record the public could potentially see.

Attkisson said, “I think that they try and find ways in which they could legally defend that they did act perhaps within the letter of the law, but getting around the intent of the law. In other words, I think they look for ways, this administration, sometimes the last administration, to use text messages, to use alternate forms of communication. I’ve been told on a story I’m working on regarding an official was specifically told—don’t email  things, we don’t want to create email records. They are very cognizant now that these records are public records and can, theoretically, if they get turned over properly, be seen by the public. So if anyone thinks that people might be doing something the public doesn’t like aren’t scheming ways to get around the idea these records could be disclosed are being naïve, because I think that’s going on all the time.”

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