Watch: Hillary Slams GOP on Iran Letter

Tuesday in New York City at the United Nations during her press conference, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took aim at the 47 Republican senators who wrote a letter to the Iranian leaders about the constitutional process a potential deal with President Barack Obama over Iran’s nuclear program that would be required.

Clinton said, “I want to comment on a matter in the news today regarding Iran. The president and his team are in the midst of intense negotiations. Their goal is a diplomatic solution that would close off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb and give us unprecedented access and insight into Iran’s nuclear program. Now, reasonable people can disagree about what exactly it will take to accomplish this objective. And we all must judge any final agreement on its merits. But the recent letter from Republican senators was out of step with the best traditions of American leadership, and one has to ask, what was the purpose of this letter? There appear to be two logical answers. Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to commander-in-chief in middle of high stakes international diplomacy. Either answer does discredit to the letter’s signatories.”

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