Cruz: Iran Deal ‘Will Lead’ to Iran Getting Nukes, ‘Like Munich in 38’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that the proposed agreement with Iran “will lead inexorably to Iran acquiring nuclear weapons” and “we are at a moment like Munich in ’38” on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Cruz stated that Iran agreement currently being discussed “will lead inexorably to Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, which poses an enormous threat — the single greatest threat to America’s national security of anything on the globe.”

He continued, “we are at a moment like Munich in ’38, and indeed Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress last week was Churchillian in its clarity and moral gravity.” And “we are repeating the mistakes of the Clinton administration in the 1990s with respect to North Korea.”

Earlier, Cruz said that the outcry over the letter that he and 46 other Republican Senators wrote to Iran was proof that “the Obama administration and its defenders cannot defend the substance of this foolhardy deal with Iran, and so they’re doing everything they can to distract from it.”

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