Hillary ’07: I Applaud Pelosi Going To Syria, Congress Must Engage Iran

Yesterday at her press conference, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Republican senators who sent a letter to the leaders of Iran in an attempt to “engage” in the process of the nuclear deal President Barack Obama is attempting to negotiate.

In 2007, against the wishes of the Bush administration and roundly criticized for the move, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually went Syria to have a meeting with President Bashar Assad.

In 2007 at a MoveOn.org Virtual Town, Hillary Clinton came to the defense of Pelosi saying, “I have long advocated engagement with countries in the region, including Iran and Syria, and I applaud Speaker Pelosi and her delegation for going to the region, as I applaud the Republican delegation that  did like-wise. We have to start a process to deal with those countries.”

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