Watch: Karl Rove, Juan Williams Debate Clinton Emails

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” while debating the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Juan Williams argued the press did not cover the Bush administration issues with an Republican National Committee email account in 2007.

Juan Williams said, “When Karl was in trouble back in ’07, no press conference. Just about zero press coverage of this.”

Rove shot back, “That’s not the right line. No, hold on.”

Causing host Wallace to interject, “You’re saying that basically the press is protecting George W. Bush and not Hillary? Is that your point”

After more heated exchanges Rove said, “No, no, no. I hate to have to continue to correct you. I’m sorry to have to continue to correct you. Even the Obama justice department did two investigations and found there was no improper White House interference.

Wallace ended the argument saying “Boy, I don’t know — stay off the caffeinated coffee.”

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