Breitbart’s Nolte: MSM Gives Obama ‘Tongue Bath’ in Interviews

Friday on Fox News  Channel’s “Hannity,” in discussing President Barack Obama’s recent social media appearances, Breitbart editor at large John Nolte pointed out it does not make a difference where Obama is interviewed because friendly mainstream media outlets like CBS News give him a “tongue bath.”

Nolte said, “The attacks that he has done on Fox News are part of sort of a othering campaign he does against his political enemies. Anyone who disagrees with him is pilloried. Look at the things the White House has said about Bibi Netanyahu, calling him a coward and saying he has Aspergers. And these attacks on Fox News is a way to other his enemies. He would rather call his enemies names than sit down as the president of all the United States and make his case to all of us. And frankly, I don’t see a big difference between sitting down with Glozell and sitting down Steve Kroft of CBS News. One takes a milk bath and the other gives Obama a tongue bath.”

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