Rush: Cruz Speech ‘Really Resonated With Me,’ ‘Great Start’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh stated that Ted Cruz’s presidential announcement speech “really resonated with me,” predicted “this is going to resonate with people when they hear it,” and declared Cruz’s speech “a great, great start” on Monday.

Limbaugh said that Cruz’s statement, “imagine it’s 1775 and you and I were sitting there in Richmond, listening to Patrick Henry say ‘give me liberty, or give me death,’ imagine it’s 1776 and we were watching the 54 signers of the the Declaration of Independence stand together and pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to igniting the promise of America. Imagine it was 1777 and we were watching General Washington as he lost battle after battle after battle in the freezing cold as his soldiers, with no shoes, were dying, fighting for freedom against the most powerful army in the world. That too seemed unimaginable,” “really resonated with me.”

Limbaugh continued “it’s effective, and the point that he’s making here is, don’t give up, don’t think we’ve lost, don’t think we can’t overcome this because the people who founded this country overcame greater obstacles face today.”

He concluded “this is going to resonate with people when they hear it. This is all about getting up, there’s an army out there waiting to be mobilized by leadership that is absent on the right, the Republican Party and so forth. So, this is a great, great start.”

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