Cruz Goes on Post-Presidential Announcement Mainstream Media Blitz

Tuesday morning after his Monday presidential announcement at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) did a mainstream media blitz, appearing on all three major networks’ morning shows: NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’s This Morning,” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

On “CBS This Morning,” Cruz said “My plan is to speak the truth and defend common-sense conservative values.”

He appeared on NBC’s “Today” with his wife, Heidi Cruz, who said Ted is “someone who tells the truth.”

Cruz told NBC’s Matt Lauer his reception at the Christian college was “breathtaking and it’s encouraging,” adding, “I’ll tell you, the energy and the exhilaration there yesterday, and we’re seeing on the trail, takes your breath away.”

After ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked Cruz about his heavy use of the term “imagine,” on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Cruz joked “I did kind of envision pulling out some John Lennon little round glasses, but I didn’t bring any to the talk.”

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