Krauthammer: Obama Iran Policy ‘Delusional’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer declared President Obama’s Iran policy and larger foreign policy “delusional” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“The idea that the deal [with Iran] is going to redeem what’s happening in the region is delusional. Yet, that is what is driving the Obama policy. They actually believe that they will have a — I think it is called a legacy-making deal with Iran that somehow will deal with the chaos. It is inflaming it. The reason that the Saudis didn’t tell us about what they were doing in Yemen is because they’re opposing Iran, and they can see us handing the region over to Iran in the nuclear negotiations. What’s happening inside Iraq, for example, the Saudi Foreign Minister said, two weeks ago that Iraq is in the process of being handed over into the hands of Iran, meaning the United States is doing it. We are supporting the Iranian and Iranian-backed attack on Tikrit. In Iran they can see us supporting Iranian Shiite militias. In Syria, where the president had said Assad has to go Kerry is now offering a negotiation that would obviously leave Assad in place, and Kerry himself has said in Congressional testimony that Assad is a puppet of Iran. So, you get Iran running Damascus. You get Iran, the major influence in Iraq. The Saudis look around and what do they see [in the negotiations]? Is the worst, we are about to ratify an agreement that will give them, within a decade, nuclear weapons. their response, what they did today in Yemen, to unilaterally attack and to form a coalition, is exactly what they’re going to do in the nuclear arena. They are all going to go nuclear once we sign this agreement with the Iranians” he stated.

Krauthammer added, “even the report we had earlier in the show of the president refusing to see the head of NATO and the speculation is, you don’t want to do that, that might anger the Russians and thus will not — they will somehow impede us in the negotiation with Iran. For the President of the United States not to meet with the head of NATO in order to appease Russia shows you how low, how far the country has fallen under this delusional foreign policy.”

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