Richardson: I’m ‘Concerned’ About Iran Deal

Former UN Ambassador and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson expressed concern over the nuclear deal with Iran, although he said he would reserve his ultimate judgement until it is finalized on Friday’s “Squawk Box” on CNBC.

Richardson said that the deal “remains to be seen. There’s only a few days left. I’m a little concerned. I think the nuclear deal — I was with the Energy Secretary the other day who’s a — he’s a nuclear scientist — the nuclear reduction, which I had wanted it to be a nuclear ending of their nuclear capacity. My worry is these other regional efforts, Iran’s behavior, its support for Hamas, for Hezbollah, its efforts in Yemen…they’ve got an American journalist there, they’ve got an American Marine. I want a package that involves a deal. Maybe if the deal involves all of that, it’s going to be okay. But you never know at the last minute. I’ve been in these negotiations. Something may surface that addresses the issues of Iran state-sponsoring terrorism. But we’ll see. You know, I’ve been a backer of the administration…but on this one, I don’t know where I’m going to end up. Yeah, nuclear capacity, let it end or diminish” he declared.

He also weighed in on the Yemen conflict, stating “what I worry about the Yemen conflict is two things, a dramatic effect on oil prices if something goes bad for the Saudis, and then what happens if the Saudis start losing? I mean, we have military bases there, we have the energy relationship, they’re a source of great stability. They’re with nine other countries that — Egypt, Jordan, that are our allies.”

Richardson also said, “when I was at the UN, the vetoes I cast were always for Israel. Now, the two-state solution is possible — that we’ll back in the Security Council, a two-state solution. So, it’s totally inconceivable. What’s happening right now in the Middle East, we’re trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran. We’re on the same side as Iran in Iraq against ISIS…Yemen, the Saudis we’re backing the Saudis in that coalition…we’re trying to navigate several sides,” although he blamed most of the strife between the US and Israel on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

(h/t Rush Limbaugh)

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