Todd: Press Already Has ‘Clinton Fatigue’

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said that “Clinton fatigue” “is already a disease in the press corps” on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“The pattern of her political career, is when she is front and center, the polarizing view of Hillary Clinton comes into focus. And when she is off the front pages, and is sort of a player, but on the sidelines, like when she was a Senator, or when she was Secretary of State, her numbers go up. And as a presidential candidate, and when she’s the center, you know, I think all of a sudden, there is, and she might blame that press, that the press has old habits die hard, they only cover her like she’s a Clinton from the 90s, and so it doesn’t matter. But all of  a sudden, I think this is such a big challenge in the email story, is not the email story itself, it’s the idea that it creates the ‘oh, there they go again, this is the 90s all over again.’ And if Clinton fatigue, which is already a disease in the press corps, actually becomes a problem with the voting public, and these polls, maybe this is the first time that it’s becoming a problem, that’s — that is doom for her” he stated.
Todd also reacted to the story involving Sidney Blumenthal’s secret intelligence network with Clinton by saying “nothing involving Sid Blumenthal surprises me.”

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