SNL Imagines Sequel to Starbucks ‘Race Together’ Campaign

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” devised a sequel to the Starbucks “Race Together” campaign with a different idea for a company attempting to discuss complex issues.

In the sketch, Pep Boys decides to do its own campaign, where its mechanics discuss sexual and gender identity with customers as part of its “#genderflect” campaign. The only problem is that the mechanics seem to be poorly equipped to do so. One mechanic saying that while he supports transgender individuals, he could never personally cut off his penis.  Another tells a gay man how luckily he is that he gets to say “that’s gay.” Yet another mechanic says she would have sex with herself if she had “both parts down there,” and two mistakenly believe that Ellen DeGeneres was born a man.

The campaign even involves Pep Boys changing its name to “Pep Boys, or Girls, or The Third Kind Where You’re Both.”

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