Grassley Calls RFRA Debate ‘Sad’ Politics, Says Discrimination Unconstitutional, Uncivil

Friday on Iowa Public Television, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) said the debate over state versions of The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 is “both liberals and conservatives” promoting their agendas and he said, “That’s sad.”

Grassely stood behind the 1993 RFRA law’s spirit “to make sure government doesn’t tread on religion.” But he added, “I know very firmly, both in the spirit of the ’93 law, and in the spirit of the Constitution, that discrimination is against our Constitution and against our law.”

“Discrimination is not only contrary to our Constitution, but it is contrary to the civility of of America,” Grassley said. “Both liberals and the conservatives have taken advantage of this to promote their agenda and that’s sad, when we ought to be looking at the spirit of the law and you get back to something very basic—discrimination is contrary to our Constitution and the law.”

When asked, “What should happen if a business owner has a religious objection to providing photography or catering services to a same sex couple getting married?” Grassely answered, “Well that would be the same way when we have had a lot of cases involving interstate commerce, the federal statutes and constitutional amendments guarantee access.”
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