SNL Mocks CNN’s News Coverage

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” mocked CNN for their over-reliance on graphics and obsession with plane crashes.

In the sketch CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin says “you’re watching the loose collection of daytime nonsense we call ‘the CNN Newsroom.’ That means you’re either sitting in an airport, or you’re at home flipping through the channels and you’ve had a small stroke.”

They then switch the story that has been their top story for the last eleven days, the Germanwings plane crash, which they illustrate with poorly done graphics (that they admitted were done by the same people who did the music video for Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing”) of someone trying to open a door, and an illustration of the other pilot going to the bathroom.

The network then reluctantly transitions to the negotiations with Iran in Switzerland, which is illustrated with puppets representing the negotiators. Similarly, they cover the controversy over Indiana’s RFRA law, which is illustrated by a dance group depicting a baker turning away gay customers.

CNN brings its own Don Lemon to comment, but all he can say is “black people need to pull up their pants.”

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