ESPN’s Gomez on US, Cuba Relations in MLB: No Open Exchange Until Deaths of Castros

On Sunday’s airing of “Outside the Lines,” MLB reporter Pedro Gomez appeared as a guest to discuss the effect of the United States restoring full diplomatic ties with Cuba on Major League Baseball, which has seen a recent influx of Cuban defectors. As of now, Cuban players first must flee their country, and then establish residency elsewhere before being declared free to sign with any team in Major League Baseball.

According to Gomez, the open exchange between United States and Cuba will not fully change until the deaths of Fidel and Raul Castro.

“I don’t think anything happens in terms of truly moving forward and having an open exchange until Fidel and probably Raul Castro are no longer in the picture. By that, I mean no longer living. I think as long as they are alive, the symbolism of what Cuba has been won’t be able to move forward until they are out of the picture much like when the Soviet Union — until Brezhnev was out of the picture, there was no ability for that country to move forward and truly open up.”

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