Krauthammer: ‘Clinton Fatigue’ Great Advantage for GOP, Would Be ‘Negated’ By Jeb

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that “Clinton fatigue” would be “one of the great advantages” for the GOP against Hillary, but would be “negated” if the party nominates Jeb Bush in an interview on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

He stated that Bush fatigue will be “a major factor” for Jeb, and that his last name is a “big liability” despite its advantages of a donor base and name recognition. He added that “Clinton fatigue” would be “one of the great advantages” for the GOP running against Hillary, but that if the party nominates Jeb, the Clinton fatigue would be “negated.”

Krauthammer said that Rubio, Cruz, and Paul have the “unfortunate characteristic” of being first-term Senators, due to President Obama’s presidency. He added that although this wasn’t “fatal,” current or former governors like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush would have an advantage.

Krauthammer later added that Cruz has put up “very impressive” fundraising numbers and that “shows some seriousness.”

The discussion turned to Rand Paul, who Krauthammer stated has “freshness” and libertarianism as strengths, but re-iterated that Rand’s foreign policy would be a problem for him, and that this is the reason for Paul’s combative interviews.

Krauthammer continued by saying that the top-tier consists of Walker, Bush, and Rubio with Cruz, Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Chris Christie as second-tier candidates, although he argued one of the second-tier candidates will likely enter the top-tier, and predicting that Ben Carson would not be “a candidate who lasts” because “it is impossible to go from citizen to president overnight.”

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