Gutfeld: The Left Transforms Suffering In Cuba ‘Into a Coffee Table Book’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld criticized “idiots…who recast past pain as charming” with regards to Cuba on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld, in reaction to CNN International urging people to visit Cuba “before American investors ruin it,” said “yes, the delights of poverty, it’s pain transformed into a coffee table book, something to enjoy, as long as it’s not your own country.”

Gutfeld continued, after playing a clip of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry worrying about American tourists being a “plague” on Cuba, “they look at awful buildings and think, ‘ah, what a great picture for my wall.’ They see chipped paint peeling from rancid hotels and think, ‘character, I can’t wait to tell my friends in New York how authentic this is. Maybe, I’ll get married here.’ They don’t see the abject poverty of those working in these conditions, or the pain Communism caused, or the tyrants responsible. Yes, the very dictators that the American left so admired, who kept this suffering alive, as they hoarded the good stuff for themselves. The idea that destitution is cool, and our consumerism is toxic is not just evil, it’s old. Since the first Commie reared its ugly head, there was a well-off Westerner patting it softly while bodies stacked up. But for those of you who worry that the consequences of Communism are being erased, chin up. There’s still Venezuela, they just ran out of toilet paper, which sucks when you’re full of crap.”

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