Fiorina: Men’s Hormones Have Impacted WH Judgement Before

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and prospective presidential candidate Carly Fiorina appeared to mock Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky with a reference to male hormones leading to bad decision-making during a speech in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Fiorina stated, “I was asked this morning on Fox News whether a woman’s hormones prevented her from serving in the Oval Office,” before sarcastically remarking “not that we have seen examples out there of a man’s judgment being clouded by hormones, including in the Oval Office.”

Fiorina added, “Hillary Clinton cannot be President of the United States, but not because she is a woman. Hillary Clinton must not be President of the United States because she does not have a track record of accomplishment, because she lacks the candor and transparency that the are so necessary to leadership, and because she will pursue a set of policies that crushed possibilities and the potential of this great nation.”

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