Heilemann: Clintons Threw Disclosure Rules ‘Out the Window’

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor John Heilemann said “it is clear, on at least some occasions” that the rules regarding disclosures that the Clintons set up with the Obama administration “were thrown out the window” and that Bill Clinton’s post-presidency has had “some degree of greed” on Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

“There was a concern about this [conflicts of interest] when Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of State…the Obama administration and the Clintons devised an elaborate set of rules that were supposed to govern how — what he was allowed to do with the foundation. And now it is clear, on at least some occasions, that those rules were thrown out the window. And so, whether or not they broke the law…I’m not as clear about that, but what is obvious is that the — even just by the stipulations that they had with the administration, those have been broken, things were not disclosed that were supposed to be disclosed” he stated.

Heilemann added, “President Clinton’s post-presidency has been marked by a carelessness in discipline, and some degree of greed.”

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