Maher: Hillary Is ‘Distancing Herself’ From Bill’s Crime Policy

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that Hillary Clinton is “distancing herself from her husband” on crime on Friday.

Initially, Maher stated, “most of the Republican politicians I heard this week said some variation of ‘well, it’s the breakdown of the black family, and it’s single moms.’ And when you say that and you don’t go on to say, ‘well, the reasons are for that,’ you kind of look like you’re saying, ‘well, it’s because those people act irresponsibly.'”

After former Romney/Ryan advisor said, “look at the 1994 crime bill. Bill Clinton’s crime bill dramatically increased incarceration, increased minimum sentencing, increased prison construction, put 100,000 more cops on the streets. To make this seem like it’s a Republican thing–” Maher responded, “and that’s why I’m not crazy about Bill Clinton, because he took the Democratic Party way to the right.”

Former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) then argued, “but Hillary Clinton yesterday said we should treat every child in America as though he/she were our own–” Maher declared that Hillary is “distancing herself from her husband. And she’s done it before.”

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