Politico’s Ken Vogel: Hillary’s Foreign Donor Problems ‘Not Going Away’

Friday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart,”  Politico’s Ken Vogel said the controversy involving the potential quid pro quos for foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation detailed in the new book “Clinton Cash” “is not going away,” any time soon.

Vogel said, “This is not going away. Obviously this ‘Clinton Cash’ book by Peter Schweizer has really brought it to the forefront, it’s resumed sort of  increased the media scrutiny of these relationships with donors who Republicans allege got favorable treatment from Hillary Clinton at the State Department as a result of their donations to the foundation.”

“The foundation, which was supposed to be a strength for Hillary Clinton headed into a presidential campaign and for her family’s political legacy it’s not working out that way at all,” he continued

“Some folks who I talked to in the Clintons’ inner circle want him to step back from these relationships and step back from the foundation. They say if he doesn’t it’s an invitation for continued scrutiny during Hillary’s presidential campaign,” Vogel added.

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