MSNBC’s Reid: Hillary Using Roundtables To ‘Focus Group’ Her Campaign

MSNBC National Correspondent Joy Reid stated that Hillary Clinton has been using her roundtables “to kind of focus group her campaign” on Wednesday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner.”

Reid, reporting from South Carolina, said, “I spoke with one African-American woman voter who was a big Barack Obama supporter last time, very skeptical about Hillary, wanted to hear more. And she was sort of down playing the roundtable, saying that it was fine for her to do that, but it was too small of a venue. She wanted more people to get their chance to talk to Hillary Clinton too. So, that’s one interesting take of people saying that’s too small of a cohort of people who get to talk to her. On the other hand, I think in a way, she’s kind of bypassing us in a way.”

Reid added that Hillary was using the roundtables “to kind of focus group her campaign. What I’ve noticed going from Iowa to NewHhampshire to here is that she’s using those focus groups as literally — using those roundtables as focus groups. And she’s tweaking and tweaking her message each time she goes, building up on these themes that she’s partly getting from those voters.”

(h/t RNC)

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