Campbell Brown: Hillary ‘Made a Mistake,’ Voting Position ‘Makes No Sense’

Friday on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect,” filling in for John Heilemann, Campbell Brown said when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Republicans of intentionally attempting to disenfranchise voters based on race, age and poverty level, her speech writers did “not do their homework” because she called for a 20-day voting periods and is currently suing Ohio, which has a 28-day voting period.

In discussing the various Republican candidates’ reactions today, Brown said, “I think Kasich’s in particular is very effective and it makes no sense to me. Her lawyers are bringing this lawsuit in Ohio where they have 28 early voting days. In the speech yesterday, she called for 20 voting days. So, they are suing in a place where they have a policy more expansive than what she is calling for in her own speeches. Whoever wrote her speech, there was a typo or they did not do their homework and they made a mistake, because it makes no sense. And it’s easy for them to call her out on it.”

She added, “It is tricky for she has to get African-Americans, minorities energized. At the same time, Republicans, even though they can push back hard, and say don’t demigod us, they have to be careful and walk a very fine line here and not make this a general election issue. ”

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