Whoopi: Claiming to Feel Black ‘Just Like’ Saying You Feel Like a Woman

Monday on ABC’s “The View,”  Whoopi Goldberg defended  Rachel Dolezal, the former head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, who was living as an African-American woman for the last few years.

“She wants to be a black woman?” Goldberg said. “Fine.”

Co-host Raven-Symoné said, “What she was saying is she has different races inside of her mingling. Everybody is from Africa, pretty much  … everybody has some type of African blood inside of them. What makes a black person, just your skin?”

Goldberg linked the actions of Dolezal to being  transgender and said, “Look, just like people say, ‘I feel like I’m a man,’ ‘I feel like I’m a woman,’ ‘I feel like I’m this,’ she feels like a black woman. She wants to be a black woman? Fine. Everything that comes with that, she is prepared for, OK.”

She added, “As far as I’m concerned if she wants to be black, she can be black. She’s been passing as this woman for over five years … If this bitch don’t know by now what it’s like she’s never going to know. She’s never going to know.”

Nicolle Wallace wondered if we going to see her “on the cover of Vanity Fair” because she said, “If we are going to celebrate transgender,” we should celebrate this too.

Rosie Perez added, “A lot of people say, you know, is it the same as Caitlyn Jenner?”

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