Ed Henry: Secret Service Kept Me Away From Clinton When I Tried To Ask Question

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry said “A Secret Service person sort of told me to move back” when he tried to ask Hillary Clinton a question in New Hampshire on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom.”

Henry said, “We have this news conference, there’s a long buildup to it, I’m sitting — standing three feet from Secretary Clinton, and one of her aides had sort of pulled me to the front, suggesting I was likely get a question. So, I was sort of waiting my turn. I wasn’t going to start shouting in her face. I’m three feet from her. She goes through her list, they’ve got a careful list of who they’re going to call on. And then she just turns and walks away. So, I was moving closer, trying to get to her. A Secret Service person sort of told me to move back. So, I was pretty annoyed by that. Because I didn’t think Secret Service was supposed to be protecting candidates from reporters. Fine to protect them for security reasons, this was not a security thing. And I was trying to get her press secretary, Nick Merrill’s attention. Bottom line is, I say ‘What gives here?’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, you already got a question a couple of weeks ago when you shouted at her in Iowa.'”

He added, “Then, he [Merrill] said, ‘Well, we wanted to give other reporters a chance today who haven’t gotten questions’ Except, they also called yesterday on Andrea Mitchell from NBC who recently gotten called on. And that’s great, she’s a great reporter. And then, finally I noted to them that they not only called on NBC, but they called on an MSNBC reporter. So, two NBC questions and not a single Fox question.

He concluded by promising “if the Clinton campaign doesn’t want to call on us, I’m just going to keep on pressing until they do.” And declaring that the situation with Clinton’s press team has “just become silly, I think.”

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