Buchanan: ‘Socialist’ Pope ‘Squandering’ Authority With Climate Change Declarations

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that Pope Francis I is “squandering his moral authority” by speaking on climate change as a “socialist” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “The pope, when he speaks on faith and morals, speaking ex cathedra, speaks infallibly. But when he speaks on issues like climate change and political issues and the rest of it, he speaks as an Argentine Jesuit socialist, and there’s no infallibility to what he’s saying.  And quite frankly, he is squandering his moral authority by going out and by declaiming authoritatively on matters which the Vatican has no greater knowledge of, quite frankly, than the folks in the debate in the United States, who have been in it a great deal longer than the holy father himself.”

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