Watch: Luis Gutiérrez Praises Jeb Bush on Immigration

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), one of the top Democrat immigration advocates who personally lobbied President Barack Obama for his executive order amnesty, praised Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush for his immigration position.

“[L]ook at Jeb Bush right now,” Gutiérrez said. “One of the reasons I think he’s probably doing best or better in the Republicans is he had a pretty nice press conference out there. It was a diverse press conference. There were Latinos, he spoke English and Spanish. He was unafraid to speak both languages. And although he doesn’t have my position on immigration reform, he says you know, ‘I don’t like Obama’s executive actions, but guess what I’m going to eliminate those executive actions with something better.'”

“I think we’re winning,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton in 2008, you remember, we were kind of laughed a little bit. She got freaked out because somebody asked her about driver’s license for undocumented immigrants and that was shocking. She didn’t know what to do with driver’s licenses. Today she’s saying not only will I give dreamers if I’m president, use my executive authority for dreamers but for their moms and dads and expand. You see, Jose, really, we’re winning. There are elements of bipartisanship. If we could only get a vote, I think you would see bipartisanship really reign.”

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