Qanta Ahmed: World Has ‘No Churchillian Resolve As Opponents to Islamism’

Author of “Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor’s Journey in the Saudi Kingdom,” Dr. Qanta Ahmed stated there is “no Churchillian resolve” against the “transnational, borderless assault on liberal secular democracy” by Islamists on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Ahmed began by saying that moderate Muslims have been speaking out against Islamists, but “with the news yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of Churchill’s speech, ‘We shall fight them in France. We shall fight them on beaches. We shall fight them with growing confidence from the air.’ We have no Churchillian resolve as opponents to Islamism. That’s not about moderate Muslims, that’s about the world at large. It’s time for us to realize we are facing a transnational, borderless assault on liberal secular democracy. That’s not being recognized by Western superpowers, or Arab and Muslim world superpowers in the way that could really defeat this.” And “Muslim armies are trying to get involved, but don’t have the battlefield skills and military skills that Britain, the United States, and so forth can have.”

Later, Ahmed was asked about the rise of Islamism in the West, she argued that she doesn’t see immigration as a “root cause,” but “one of the causes is a major ideological vacuum. We’re 15 years post-September 11th, we have not mounted an ideological warfare. Moderate Muslims, non-Muslims together, in countries where we have that opportunity. Communism was not felled without ideological counterwarfare, which we haven’t pursued.

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