‘Clinton Fan’ Reid Not Ready to Endorse Her Yet

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) described himself as a “Clinton fan” but said “I’ll do my endorsement later” in an interview with Nevada’s KNPR on Monday.

Reid, when asked if he was supporting Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), stated, “Well, you know, there are a few other candidates. [We’ve] got a very fine governor from Maryland, O’Malley, who’s been in Nevada lots of times. So, I’m really a Clinton fan, but right I’ve not endorsed anyone. I’m going to go to an event for Hillary in a few days, but I’ll do my endorsement later.”

He added that his endorsement “shouldn’t be too much longer” in coming, but he is “more of a Clinton fan at this stage.” And that Sanders is “really a progressive guy, and that’s an understatement. But he’s also one of the nicest people I have in that Senate Democratic Caucus. I like him a lot.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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