Sen. Risch to Kerry on Iran Deal: ‘You Guys Have Been Bamboozled’

Thursday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about the details of the nuclear agreement with Iran, Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) downplayed the agreement with Iran over nuclear weapons and told Secretary of State John Kerry that he and his negotiating team had been “bamboozled.”

Discussing the money that will released to Iran when the sanctions are lifted Risch said, “This is a very heavy lift when you sleep at night, when you say I’m going to vote to release 50 billion, it started at 100 billion, whatever it is — knowing, knowing that money, a portion of that money, is going to be directly transferred to people who are going to be trying to kill Americans and are trying to kill innocent people and are trying to kill our allies.  To be able to walk away from this and say this is a good deal is ludicrous. With all due respect you guys have been bamboozled. And the American people are going to pay for that.”

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