Carson: PP’s Founder Believed In Eugenics, and Still Puts ‘Plurality’ of Clinics in Minority Communities

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson criticized Planned Parenthood as “an organization whose founder believed in eugenics” and locates the plurality of their clinics in minority communities on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Carson stated that “multiple other sources,” can provide the non-abortion services that Planned Parenthood says it needs funding to provide, “and to take an organization that, not only makes money by selling baby parts, but doesn’t seem to understand the sanctity of human life and is willing to destroy that, an organization whose founder believed in eugenics…and even today, the plurality of their clinics are in minority communities.”

Carson was then asked whether the high concentration of Planned Parenthood’s clinics in minority communities proved that they were the only health providers of those in these communities. He responded, “I thought that they were supposed to be able get all of those things based on Obamacare, why do we need Planned Parenthood?”

Carson concluded that “virtually everything that can be attributed to — progress by using fetal tissue can also use other types of tissue.”

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