Todd: Hillary Released Tax and Med Records Because They Can’t Explain Emails

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd argued that Hillary Clinton releasing her tax returns and medical records feels like “a diversionary tactic” because “they don’t have a good explanation on these emails” on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Todd stated, in response to a question on Hillary’s emails, “I’m glad you’re focused on the emails, because I feel like, this is the one time that tax returns and medical records, I feel like are a diversionary tactic on the political bench –“.

He continued, “You know, this is — there is — they don’t have a good explanation on these emails. They just don’t. And you know they don’t have a good explanation? Because look at the backflips and contortions that the current State Department and the administration [are] having in trying to do deal with it. You know, they’re trying, you can tell, because they’re obviously favorable to her, a Democratic administration. They don’t want to fully embarrass her, but they’re struggling in figuring out how to justify some of these things. And justify how–where the classified — you know, how — what was classified, when. And they’re trying to actually, it seems like take some of the heat off of her, but to me the heat’s all on her.”

Todd further said, “The only reason we’re in this situation is because she chose to have this private server. … David Petraeus had a do a plea. You know why? And his — most of his classified documents, by the way, according to my sources, were his schedule, because his schedule’s technically classified. And he just, you know, his career is changed forever, let’s just say.”

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