Buchanan: Trump Had ‘Establishment’ FNC Trying to Bring Him Down

Columnist Pat Buchanan stated that Donald Trump “held his own” with “part of the establishment, Fox News” trying to take him down during the debate on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “Well, John, I think everybody’s going to focus in on Donald Trump, and it was a very rough, tough night for him. But I think basically what he did, was he hardened and solidified his base, and may have added to it, because he was in a battle with FOX News, Megyn Kelly and back and forth. So, I think that, by and large, he helped himself or held his own.”

Later Buchanan said of moderator Megyn Kelly, “She was very much a participant then in the debate. She’s catching the devil on tweets and everything for going after Trump that way, that it was unfair.” And “I think basically, what people are going to come away from that, is part of the establishment, Fox News joined them, and they’re all together, and they’re trying to bring The Donald down.”

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