DREAM Action Coalition’s Erika Andiola: Trump Offensive, Jeb Ending Sanctuary Cities ‘Doesn’t Make the Cut’

DREAM Action Coalition co-director Erika Andiola reacted to the GOP Debate Saturday on MSNBC’s “Up with Steve Kornacki.”

Andiola, a self-proclaimed “undocumented Mexican woman,” first pointed out that while watching, she was not “expecting to be offended by Donald Trump,” but he is “driving the the rhetoric for the Republican Party when it comes to immigration,” which she stated has been very “offensive” towards immigrants.

“I was watching the debate and I wasn’t really expecting to be offended by Donald Trump. I’m an undocumented Mexican woman so I couldn’t expect anything else from him. I think for me watching the debate and seeing how the other candidates would react to his comments. Unfortunately he’s driving the rhetoric for the Republican Party when it comes to immigration. It’s been very offensive towards Mexicans, towards immigrants.”

On GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, Andiola explained that him wanting to get rid of sanctuary cities “doesn’t make the cut.”

“Bush said he would still think that undocumented folks come here for an opportunity but he went on to say he wanted to get rid of sanctuary cities; for me it doesn’t make the cut. It needed to be pushed back stronger on him.”

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