Paul Begala: GOP Candidates Running on ‘Easy, Cheap’ Politics of ‘Hate’

Monday on CNN’s “Wolf,” former adviser to President Bill Clinton and Democratic consultant Paul Begala argued that the Republicans going after Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton for deleting the emails from her tenure of secretary of state and wiping her server clean is an “easy, cheap” version of “politics of personal destruction,” and running on “hate,” not issues.

Liberal commentator Donna Brazile said, “Look, I know we can get into the minutiae and the legality of this…the big picture is, and Paul is absolutely right, the Republicans have decided this is the way to take down Hillary Clinton, is to have a taxpayer-funded committee. It’s no longer the Select Committee on Benghazi. We’re not trying to figure out what went wrong, what happened in Libya. Instead, they’re trying to figure out how to demean, and, I think, demonize Hillary Clinton.”

Begala said when the GOP tried to go after Bill Clinton with special investigations, “What happened is that, Bill Clinton was — left office as the highest rated president in American history and Ken Starr went to the obscurity of some lame Baptist college in Texas. I joke, my niece goes there, it’s a great school, Baylor University. But that did not work out well for the Republicans then either. If they were smart, they would be talking about ideas and issues. … All they’re running on now is hate. Look at the Democrats, Bernie Sanders, okay, I’m for Hillary. Bernie is out there talking about issues and ideas. He’s not trading insults with anybody. Neither is Martin O’Malley, neither is Jim Webb, and certainly not Hillary Clinton.”

He added, “it’s just an easy, cheap thing to go and try to practice politics of personal destruction. Believe me, it never works.”

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