Graham: If ‘Idiot’ Trump Is the GOP Nominee, We’ll Lose and We Should Lose

Tuesday on CNN’s “At This Hour” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s calls for the deportation of the 11 million illegal immigrants and their American citizen children is “Joseph McCarthy-like” and “illegal” and he added, “he’s a complete idiot when it comes to Middle East Policy” so if he is the nominee the GOP will “lose, and we should lose.”

Graham said, “Well, I think Donald Trump’s pretty much an idiot on policy and Jeb Bush is a good man. What Jeb was talking about is birth right tourism. Millionaires from China and other Asian nations as well as the Middle East buy tourist visas for the express purpose of having their wife deliver a baby in the United States. There are people who market to rich people in Asia and the Middle East, come here for your vacation, get you a tourist visa with a maternity ward. I think that cheapens citizenship. I’d like to change that one day after we clean up this mess. That’s all Jeb was talking about.”

On Trumps popularity he said, “He’s not leading among women in general. That he has a 65 percent disapproval rating among Hispanics according to a poll last night. Why? Because he says most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. His plan to deal with illegal immigration is constitutionally unsound. You can’t implement it. It won’t work, and he said last night on television that he would take American citizen children born here whose parents are illegal and send them all back. You can’t do that. I think that’s ridiculous. I think it’s illegal.”

“As to Megyn Kelly, we’ve got two problems in our party, with Hispanics and young women and the leader of our party has come up with a deportation plan that is Joseph McCarthy-like, and he is saying things about Megyn Kelly and other women that are digging a big hole. And the chairman of our party said he thought Donald Trump was a net positive. Let me tell you, I think he’s hurting our party. I want to be on record no matter how well I do as opposing Mr. Trump’s concept of what he would do with illegal immigrants who they are and how he would solve the problem. I want to be the other side of history when he talks about Megyn Kelly.”

“Here is what will not happen, Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee of the Republican party. If he is, that’s the end of the Republican party,” he added if he was, “then we’ll lose. We’ll lose, and we should lose.”

He added, “Sixty-five percent of the Hispanic community in this country, legal Hispanics, find Mr. Trump offensive. I find him offensive. When he attacks Megyn Kelly lot of young women think, well, why would you do that? I find that offensive. Where is the party leadership?”

He continued, “The idea to take Iraq and Syrian oil as a way to destroy ISIS and use it for your benefit would be the greatest boom for recruiting for ISIS in the history of the organization. So his policy positions are complete gibberish. He is shallow, he’s ill prepared to be commander-in-chief. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about in terms of how our laws work. He says the worst things possible about immigrants and women, and he’s a complete idiot when it comes to Middle East Policy. So I think over time common sense will prevail.”

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