Heilemann: ‘Trump Right Now Is Emanating Authenticity’

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann spoke on “CBS This Morning” on Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s appeal to Iowa Republicans after a Bloomberg report showed that 37 percent of Iowa Republicans like Trump for “telling it like it is.”

According to Heilemann, Trump is “emanating authenticity” right now because he speaks his mind and is not politically correct.

“Every politician strives for authenticity and Donald Trump right now with Iowa Republicans is emanating authenticity and telling it like it is. We try to figure out what is his appeal. People like that he is a business guy, people like that he is rich; that he is not swayed by special interests. They like a lot of things about him but the thing they like most about him is the sense he is not politically correct; that he speaks his mind. Not necessarily the truth, but he is telling you what he thinks any moment with no filter.”

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