Walker: Jeb Wants to ‘Wait’ On Revoking ‘Wrong’ Iran Deal

Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said of fellow candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s position on the Iran deal, “If you want a president who’s going to wait some time, even though they know something is wrong today, then he’s probably your candidate” on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Walker stated, “I think you need to be thoughtful and mature, that’s why I’m ready to be president today. I’ve talked to the experts. I’ve looked at this. I share the same sentiment that people do all across America, including even some Democrats in Congress, who know this is a bad deal. If you know it’s a bad deal, why would you wait a month, or 6 months, or even a week or two? I’m going to terminate it on the very first day, reinstate those sanctions authorized by Congress, go to Congress to get even more crippling ones going forward, and start convincing our allies to do the same. We don’t need another day to go by where Iran does not have these sanctions back in place.” And “I said the day I announced, that I would do this on day one. And Governor Bush claimed he would do something different, that he would wait, he claimed, as you mentioned, that this was not a mature approach out there. That’s just a difference out there. That’s not an attack. That’s just a personal difference. If you want a president who’s going to wait some time, even though they know something is wrong today, then he’s probably your candidate. If you want someone who knows today it’s a bad deal, and is not going to wait until the folks in Washington tell you it’s alright, who’s going to do what’s right immediately on the very first day in office, then I’m your candidate.”

Walker also responded to a tweet from Mike Murphy, the head of the pro-Bush Right to Rise super PAC, stating, “Jeb strongly opposes Iran deal. Walker distracted; focused on his plan to build wall with… Canada. #NotReady,” Walker said, “this is just a joke in terms of how people react to things. I’ve said for some time, we need to secure the southern border. I’ve talked about the infrastructure, the personnel, and the technology needed there, I’ve talked about enforcing the laws. People should go back and actually watch what I said on Sunday. I didn’t say that at all. I talked about listening to people at some events that we had, some campaign events, one of which was someone who had been involved, I believe in the past, in local law enforcement, and he raised a question about personnel from the federal government assisting people in those counties along the northern borders of the United States. He talked about personnel, and I said it’s a legitimate issue to look to make sure there’s enough staff working with those local law enforcement professionals. I’ve never talked about a wall at the north, I’m certainly not now. That’s just what happens when things gets run amok.”

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