Perry: Trump’s 1,933-Mile Border Wall Would Be Same Distance as from Key West to Maine

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate and former Texas governor Rick Perry said his rival Donald Trump’s proposed wall is “rhetoric” because it is impossible to build a “1,933-mile fence” with the equivalent distance “from Key West to Maine.”

Perry said, “As people focus and take a look at what really matters for leading this country through what’s going to be challenging economic times, not just for America, but for the entire world, and also foreign policy wise, I’ll put my record up against anyone on the stage or in the race.”

When asked about Trump, Perry replied, “This is going to sort itself out as people focus. Back eight years ago when that primary was working its way out, the Iowa voter, the South Carolina voter and the New Hampshire voter, they will be the ones that really matter. If you are not able to stay in the hunt through those first three, it gets more challenging for you. These are the most conservative Republican voters that are going to go vote. They will take a look at in Trump’s record and decide whether he’s a conservative or not.”

“When he talks about immigration, he’s deflecting off of the issue that’s really important. And that is—I know how to secure the border. And building a 1,933-mile fence—that’s like from Key West to Maine—that’s rhetoric,” he continued.

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