The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard: Hillary ‘Sent and Received Classified Information’ And Is ‘Confusing’ Definition

A.B. Stoddard, Associate Editor of The Hill stated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “confusing us over the definition of classified material,” because Hillary “sent and received classified information” “many, many times” on Friday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Stoddard said Hillary’s “willingness to answer this is a sign that the campaign knows that is email saga will not go away for a very long time and that she has to seem ready to answer the questions and explain things. Her unwillingness to apologize could remain a problem for her. She likes to say that it’s all going to become clear later, that she’s sorry the public is so confused, but actually, she is confusing us over the definition of classified material. She actually sent and received classified information. She did it many, many times. She’s saying she didn’t send material, because that means she didn’t send documents, and those are actually only accessible through a separate system, but she certainly did share conversations from foreign officials, and that kind of information is always classified, not in its marking, but in its nature and it’s substance, and that, when you take that position is something that you’re trained to know, you’re given clearance for, and you’re responsible for.”

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