Cotton: Congress Should ‘Entertain’ Legal Action Over Iran Deal

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) declared, “Congress should entertain the possibility of legal action” over the Iran deal on Saturday’s broadcast of WABC New York’s “Larry Kudlow Show.”

Cotton said that the side deals mean that the sixty-day clock to vote on the deal should not have started ticking, and the president doesn’t have the authority to waive any sanctions until Congress is provided with the side deals. He added, “I think the Congress should entertain the possibility of legal action to enforce that law, since the president is so flagrantly violating that law.”

Cotton also stated that while the president will go ahead with the deal, “under the terms of the deal itself, sanctions should not be lifted until sometime in the new year, maybe as late as late winter or early spring. That would mean, if the House and the Senate, or both combined, move forward with legal action to try to enforce the terms of the federal law that would prevent the president from lifting those sanctions, there is time to get a ruling on the merits of that matter.”

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