Hillary Calls on Trump to Repudiate ‘Hateful Mean-Spirited Divisive Rhetoric’

Friday at a press conference, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked about the controversy over Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump ignoring a town hall audience member suggesting President Barack Obama is Muslim.

Clinton was asked, “What do you think about Trump’s response?”

She replied, “I quickly put out a tweet expressing the great disappointment with that kind of rhetoric and calling on him and anybody else who is seeking the highest office of the land to start behaving like a president—to show respect, and to stand up for the truth. He knew, or should have known, that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. And he should have, from beginning, repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in a questioner in an audience he was appearing before.”

She continued, “So I would call on him and call on all of the candidates to stop this descent into this kind of hateful, mean-spirited divisive rhetoric that we’ve seen too too much of in the last months.”
She added, “I think it’s prejudiced. I think it’s discriminatory. I think it comes out of the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric that we have seen too much of.”

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